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Dog Adoption Tips

Thinking of Adopting a Dog?

Never go to a pound or a shelter with the notion that you are going to rescue a dog that nobody else wants. You'll only set yourself up for problems down the road. Go in with the attitude that you want to select the right dog for your lifestyle. Take your time and be choosy; this pet will likely be with you for many many years.

  1. Do a self-assessment: Ask yourself - Why do I want a dog? Do you work long hours or travel a lot? Do you live in an apartment or a house? Do you have a fenced yard? Are you willing to take your dog out for daily walks; regardless of the weather/darkness? Can you afford the necessary food, supplies, and veterinary care?  Are other family members on-board with your desire to get a dog?  ARE YOU READY FOR THE COMMITMENT?
  2. Make a mental picture of your ideal dog: Based on personality, not looks.
  3. Visit the shelters and pounds: Be open minded and meet every dog that wants to greet you.
  4. Exercise caution if considering only  younger dogs or puppies: Additional time, effort, patience and money will have to be spent during the developmental time in young dog's life.  Negative behaviours may have already been learned and issues won't surface until you get the dog home and spend some time together.
  5. Take the dog out on a leash: Taking a dog out for a walk is a highly recommended.  The will dog burn off some energy and will likely behave better than when you initially saw it confined to its kennel.  You will get a little better understanding of the dog after a 30-minute walk and might be able to better determine whether this dog is for you.  Better yet, take the dog for several walks over a couple of days.
  6. If you already have a dog, bring them in to meet the adoption dog: We have an indoor play area where the dogs can meet. This will be "neutral ground" and a good place for introductions.
  7. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks: Older dogs are not necessarily "set in their ways". With consistency and patience, you can retrain or modify an older dog's behaviour.
  8. Be patient: If you don't find your perfect match right away, keep looking and check back with us often. Pounds, shelters and rescues all use the internet to advertise their adoptable animals,  it's the easiest way to check for new dogs.  In the meantime read a book on canine behaviour (training/ breaking unwanted behaviour).