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Pets for Adoption

Animals in this category are available for adoption.  

These animals arrived at the Pound for various reasons. Most were strays, some were abandoned, others have interesting stories. Because no one has come forward to claim the animal it is now available to be legally adopted to a new owner. For information about how to adopt an animal, visit the Adoption Process page.

VACS has no time limit on how long we will keep an animal before it is adopted.

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The following animals are just lounging around . . . waiting . . . for YOU!

Adoptable animals are posted below with a photo and write up. If there are no photos then there are currently no animals available for adoption. Website is updated daily.

If you would like to be contacted when a pet becomes available sign up to our adoption wait list 

We are just getting to know Soda Pop but so far he is a little shy and likes to cuddle. He is likely ok with other cats. We are looking for an indoor only home or an indoor home with fully contained…
Betty & Boots are very sweet, kind, gentle and playful. They are extremely bonded littermates and must stay together. Betty (the smaller mostly grey female) is reserved and cautious. Boots (the…
Dennis was born at the pound on April 23 and is a very active playful kitten. He is very sweet, bold and inquisitive. Dennis is a daring kitten that will get into everything. He will get himself…
Do you know anyone that could give one of these beautiful roosters a home? It is hard to find a place for them to go so any help would be very much appreciated!
Bikini was born at the pound on April 23 and named after her white bikini shaped spot on her lower belly. She has never experienced life in a home so she is in for a big adventure! Bikini is…