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Betty & Boots

Betty & Boots are very sweet, kind, gentle and playful. They are extremely bonded littermates and must stay together. Betty (the smaller mostly grey female) is reserved and cautious. Boots (the bigger male with white paws) is clumsy and cute. They enjoy a good cuddle but won’t seek it out. Boots gives out sweet hand grooming kisses. Betty gives the cutest slow blink when she wants to say hello but saves her extra adorable big eyed slow blink for when she thinks it’ll win her a treat. They quickly join in play time but are still a little jumpy around sudden movement. They love lounging around on a cat post and are often found snuggling with each other.

When we first met Betty & Boots they were only about 6 to 8 weeks old and had been living under a house. They had not been exposed to people. We have been working to socialize them and they have come a very long way but they do still need work. Betty & Boots need someone who will initiate play and cuddle time despite their initial protests. They are curious and like to explore things and will get very close to you on their own if you pretend to ignore them.

Betty & Boots enjoy stealing warm chairs and looking as cute and cozy as possible so you don’t want to move them. We are not at the point where they like being picked up but they will tolerate it for a very short amount of time. When you pet them they (mostly Betty) consider running away at first but most times they change their minds and melt into it. They do love to be brushed. These two will still run away whenever there is a loud noise or unexpected movement but they return with interest shortly after. Betty & Boots will do best in a quieter home and they are accustomed to a smaller space. They will likely take weeks to settle into a new home.

Betty & Boots are about 4 – 5 months old, litter box trained, neutered, microchipped, dewormed and treated for fleas. We are looking for indoor only homes.

Their adoption fee is $600.00 for two (including tax). Our adoption procedures have changed due to COVID-19. At this time viewing will be done after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested please contact us at 250-414-0233 and we will email you an adoption application.