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Found and Impounded Animals

Question: What is an impounded animal?

Answer: It is an animal in the lawful custody of the Poundkeeper.

  • The impound period can last up to 96 hours if the animal was picked up in the City of Victoria or Esquimalt, or can last up to 120 hours if it originated from Oak Bay. This 4 or 5 day period should allow the owner or their agent sufficient time to locate and claim their missing pet.

  • All animals are checked for identification tags, tattoos & microchips. Photos are posted in this section (below).

  • Impounded animals can be claimed at the Pound by an owner or their agent. All fees, licences and veterinary costs incurred (if any) while the animal was impounded must be paid in full before the animal can be released.

  • Impounded animals can be claimed at the Pound from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. On Sundays the Pound is closed but animals can still be claimed by calling the on-duty Animal Control Officer and arranging a time to meet the Officer at the Pound. We accept cash, debit, and VISA.

Our goal is to reunite the animal with its lawful owner, however...

  • If an animal is not claimed the animal is usually made available for adoption. Its legal status changes from impoundment to adoption - we can then lawfully adopt the animal to a new owner.
  • If your animal has been missing for more than 96 hours, be sure to check the PETS FOR ADOPTION page to see if your animal has been moved into this category.

Updated June 21, 2024

Photos of any new impounded animals will be posted below when they arrive. Website is updated from 9am to 5pm  Monday to Saturday. 

Found on 1500 block of Monterey Ave JUN 21/24
Found on the 1000 block of View St on Jun 19.
Intact male with no ID found on Bay & Blanshard on June 11.
Neutered male with no ID found on Skinner & Catherine on June 11.