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Employment Opportunities

Resumes with a cover letter are accepted and kept on file for 12 months in the event one of the following positions become available.  All positions are posted on BCJOBS.CA when we are seeking new personnel.



Animal Control is a low-level policing function. Preferred applicants will have at least 5 years experience in a law enforcement environment or have a strong investigation background, eg: police, sheriff, customs, bylaw enforcement, insurance investigator, etc.

Applicants who do not have enforcement experience must possess a Bylaw Enforcement Level 1 Certificate or higher from the Justice Institute of B.C.

This job requires a higher than average level of fitness. Applicants may be required to successfully complete the POPAT or PARE physical test under 3:45 to prove they meet this standard.



The primary purpose of this dual-function job is to maintain a professional and healthy environment for the humans and animals that visit, work or temporarily live in the Pound.

Secondary duties involve providing operational and clerical support to assist Animal Control Officers provide services and information to the public.  

Preferred applicants will have a combination of skills, experience & training in the following areas:

  • clerical / office / computer
  • housekeeping
  • companion animal handling & husbandry
  • animal health & behaviour