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Candy, Spirit & Trixie

Candy is spicy, likes to do things her way and is looking for a management position. Spirit is fast, brave, loves to play and is the first one of the bunch to try new things. Trixie is the sweet one. She is gentle, very shy and needs extra encouragement.  All are good with other cats.

This litter is quiet, clean and independent. Their mom is feral and they started out as feral cats. They have come a long way since they were found in September but they still need work. They need someone who has plenty of time to spend with them. Candy and Trixie will watch you move a toy for a long while before they will be brave enough to join you and play. Spirit is not shy when it comes to play time. Candy’s favorite thing is treats and Trixie likes a good cuddle. They improve each day and although they are very interested in watching people they are still guarded and wary about interacting. They do all like playing, cuddles and treats and start to relax if you quietly offer them any of these things. They are young and if you spend the time to teach them now that people are safe, fun and able to give a good snuggle their confidence will grow and they will become amazing loving companions.

Candy, Spirit & Trixie are about 4 months old, litter box trained, spayed, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas and they have their first vaccines. We are looking for indoor only homes or an indoor home with fully contained outdoor access.

Their adoption fee is $300.00 each or $500.00 for two (including tax). Viewing hours are 10:30 to 4:00 Mon to Sat. These girls are wary of people they have just met. If you are interested please leave plenty of time to visit them as it may take a while for them to interact with you. Multiple visits may be necessary.