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CC (pair with Chad or Cylvie)

CC is a young black and white mom that gave birth at the pound. CC was not properly socialized with people as a kitten but she enjoys their company. She is becoming braver all the time and will venture very close to people she knows. When her kittens are getting a snuggle she purrs while rolling around and will walk close to someone and rub all over everything near them, but she will swat if they reach for her. Unless she is not looking! Then you can get a tail pet in. Not wanting to be left out she often creates the opportunity for a no eye contact tail pet if the others are getting attention. With continued effort and trust building she has the potential to be a lovely pet cat. CC is still jumpy and will run away for seemingly no reason but if you tell her she is being silly she has started stopping and comes back. She either responds well to a lecturing tone or more likely she knows that tone means if she comes back she will probably get a treat. CC has been great to work with and has come a very long way since she arrived in March. She consistently allows more interactions with people and is starting to seek them out.

CC is very interested in people and she is always watching so it’s likely after some time in a home and working on earning her trust, she just might turn out to be a snuggly cat. We feel it is important she be adopted with one of her braver kittens as following their lead encourages her to bond with people. CC will do well with Chad or Cylvie.

CC is available as a pair to an indoor only home.

CC is about a year old & her litter was born in March. They are litter box trained, spayed & neutered, dewormed, have their first vaccines and have been treated for fleas. The adoption fee is $325.00 each.

Adoption viewing is available after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250-414-0233. Whenever possible, applications will be processed by email.