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Dr. Carl Grumbles

Carl is a very lovable cranky kitty looking for a kind loving home that will enjoy his unique personality, teach him to trust and help him to relax. He is a very affectionate beautiful cat but he can be somewhat unpredictable. Grumbles is easily over stimulated during play or cuddle time. Carl has many opinions on things that he vocalizes. It’s easy to tell what he is feeling but not so much why. He will take a while to adjust to a new home. Carl will feel less stressed and be happier in a quieter home without young children. He gives some pretty great snuggles and is a very good lap warmer if it is quiet and there is not too much moving around.

It’s possible not all of Carl’s past interactions with people have been pleasant ones. It would explain why he takes his time trusting new people and can be a bit of a bully while at the same time he dislikes being without a person and wants to cuddle or hang out near you. He loves to weave back and forth on your legs and sit in your lap but he seems to be trigged by hands near his head and occasionally by nothing obvious at all.  Grumbles has been working on his anger management skills since arriving here and he will separate himself, calm down, grumble the entire time and then come back for more love or play. He improves daily and his angry moments are happening less and less. Carl Grumbles is thoroughly enjoying having regular meals.

Dr. Grumbles fought with other cats while he was homeless. Just the smell of another cat is upsetting to him and he came in with many cat fight wounds. If he is kept away from other cats his stress level should lower significantly and he will be a happier cat.  Carl needs an indoor only home or an indoor home with fully contained outdoor access to make this possible.

Dr. Grumbles is about 5 years old, litter box trained, neutered, dewormed, microchipped, has his first vaccines and has been treated for fleas. Carl’s adoption fee is $300.00.

Our adoption procedures have changed due to COVID-19. At this time viewing will be done after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250-414-0233. Whenever possible, applications will be processed by email.