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Jasper Macadamia - Adopted!

Jasper is an indoor only cat that is accustomed to being the only cat and living in an apartment. He came to be at the pound after his owner passed away. Jasper is very big, very shy and very sweet. Jasper is very routine oriented and going to need a quieter home and a little more love, attention and cleaning than your average cat but when he meows and shows you his entire tongue then runs to his favorite cuddle spot his sweet loving demeanor will melt your heart!  

Jasper is finding adjusting to a new life difficult. He had to spend a few days on anti-depressants to get him eating and he still needs his canned food put into his hidey bed with him. Jasper is doing well all things considered but he does hide until you spend a few minutes coaxing him out. Once he knows your scent however you need only let him sniff your hand. Then he is all snuggles, purrs and head butts!  Jasper may always hide when new people come around and will likely hide for some time while adjusting to a new home but he is very affectionate with people he knows. He will need regular brushing as his considerable size makes it difficult for him to groom all of himself. He uses the litter box but does make a mess of it! Jasper occasionally hisses and we have not yet figured out what upsets him but he does settle and become affectionate after you speak to him for a bit.

We have been told Jasper is about 10 years old. He litter box trained, neutered, has his first vaccines and has been treated for fleas. Jasper’s adoption fee is $100.00.

Our adoption procedures have changed due to COVID-19. At this time viewing will be done after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250-414-0233. Whenever possible, applications will be processed by email.