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Major is such a lovable dog! He has so much love to give and he has a real talent for making people smile. He is typically very happy but after living at the pound since May he is getting a little sad.

Major will make a great walking buddy. He has excellent leash manners and makes friends everywhere he goes! Anyone who makes eye contact gets a big smile and a little wiggle dance out of him. 

He is happy to nap or play with toys in his bed and overall he is fairly low energy but he does get spurts of big energy! His favorite thing to do is jump/body slam himself randomly into unsuspecting people. Then immediately get the zoomies so you can’t even get mad at him because he is being adorable and hilarious! He will need a person who will be ok with the occasional doggie smash and he would be better suited to a home without children.

Major isn’t a destructive dog and his toys last a long time. He is good in the bath, housetrained and ok when left on his own. As long as he gets out for walks he won’t need a large space. He typically only makes noise if new people are in the pound or if it’s getting close to dinner time. He loves routine so if we are running late for his snuggle visits, dinner or walk time he will sing a song to remind us!

Overall he is a really easy dog but like all dogs he has some challenges. Major is not good at the vet and he will likely need to visit them regularly as has allergies and is on a special diet. He also needs a home with no other pets or children.

Major is about 2-3 years old, house trained, neutered, has his first vaccines and has been treated for fleas. Major’s adoption fee is $400.00.

Adoption viewing is available after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250-414-0233. Whenever possible, applications will be processed by email.