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Panda & Bear

These two bonded kitties have been at the pound since March and are in need of a loving person to give them a home.

Panda is the easy going one of the pair with a nice big loud purr. He will lounge and have lazy conversations with the people around him. He enjoys being brushed and pet, which is good because he has a rather hard time cleaning himself with his excessive weight. This sweet boy is very over weight at a little over 22lbs! He currently needs a step stool to get into his kennel and has a bit of a hard time getting around. He is in need of a “personal trainer” willing to make some time for play/exercise during the day and work to get him to a healthy weight.

Bear has been very fearful since arriving at the pound. She is a short hair black cat. She spends her days hibernating in a cat tree or a cozy hidey bed. Recently she has started to come out for treats. She is starting to enjoy cuddling and has a nice big purr. Bear will give out sweet kisses when she is in snuggle mode! However, Bear will need time and patience to adjust, but her brother Panda will be happy to show her how it’s done.

We have not seen them interact with other animals. It is not recommended they live in a house with dogs as Bear especially is fearful of barking. 

We are looking for an indoor only home. They are not very adventurous, prefer to stay in one room, and they are accustomed to living in an apartment.

Panda and Bear are older adult cats. Panda was born in 2012. Bear’s exact age is unknown. They are litter box trained, neutered/spayed, and have been treated for fleas.

Our adoption procedures have changed due to COVID-19. At this time viewing will be done after your application has been approved and by appointment only. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at 250-414-0233. Whenever possible, applications will be processed by email.