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Licence Conditions

ALL DOGS OVER THE AGE OF 4 MONTHS ARE REQUIRED TO BE LICENSED regardless of any circumstance or reason. Licences are valid for a calendar year and must be renewed yearly. Licence regulations are strictly enforced.

LOST OR STOLEN TAGS CAN BE REPLACED for $5.00. Take your original licence form to a vendor to prove you previously purchased a licence. If you dont have your paperwork, the vendor can contact Victoria Animal Control Services to confirm your licence status.

LICENCES AND/OR TAGS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. If you obtain a new dog you must obtain a new licence for it. Licences cannot be transferred from owner to owner or from dog to dog.

TAGS CAN BE EXCHANGED. If you have recently moved to the City of Victoria, Oak Bay or Esquimalt and possess a current year licence from any municipality anywhere in Canada you can surrender your current licence tag in exchange for a City of Victoria, Oak Bay or Esquimalt licence tag for no charge. If your out of town tag is not date stamped, proof of purchase date is required.

If your dog has been SPAYED OR NEUTERED in the preceding 12 months your licence is free of charge (only one free licence per spay or neuter). Proof of procedure (certificate or receipt from Veterinarian) is mandatory.

Dogs Certified under the GUIDE DOG AND SERVICE DOG ACT of B.C. and Accredited Police Dogs (currently serving) are also eligible for a free licence.  Proof of certification is required.