(250) 414-0233

Deceased Animals

If you find a deceased animal, either wild or domestic, on the street or in a public place, please call the appropriate number below:

In Victoria call public works (250) 361-0400   After 4:30 pm & Weekends call (250) 385-5711

In Oak Bay call public works (250) 598-4501

In Esquimalt call public works (250) 414-7108

In Saanich call the police non-emergency line (250) 475-4321

In other municipalities call CRD Animal Control (250) 478-0624     After Hours 1 (800) 884-0919

If you find a deceased cat or dog on your own private property within Victoria, Oak Bay, or Esquimalt please call us at (250) 414-0233. We will come and pick up the animal, we will check it for ID, tattoos, microchip and attempt to notify the owner if they can be identified.

If you find a deceased wild animal on your own private property, you are responsible for disposing of it.  If you have appropriate space you can bury it, or if it is a small animal (bird, rodent, raccoon, etc.) you can dispose of it in your household garbage.  Wear gloves and double bag the carcass.  Do NOT dispose of deer (or similar) in your household garbage, please contact CRD Landfill (250) 727-3331 for disposal information.


DO NOT TOUCH A BAT WITH YOUR HANDS. Use gloves and a tool if you must.

A few bats have been found in the City of Victoria in the past 10 years that were infected with the rabies virus. The virus can be transmitted through contact to an open wound, biting, or through secondary contact to nose or mouth.  The virus can survive on a dead bat, so don't touch it whether it is alive or deceased.  A 10% bleach solution will kill the virus and can be used on any tool or area that has come into contact with a bat.

If direct contact with human skin or with a pet is suspected, immediately call Dr. Bachoo at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at (250) 363-3618 and the Communicable Disease Nurse at VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority).