(250) 414-0233

Injured or Orphaned Deer

Baby Deer

Babies are left on their own for most of the day for the first few weeks of their lives. Please keep your distance. Observe from a distance for 12 to 18 hours. If you are certain the mother has not returned, please call WildARC at (250) 478-9453. You should call them immediately if:

  • the fawn seems frantic, is wandering and bleating consistently, or approaching people
  • the fawn is obviously injured
  • the fawn has been fed anything by anyone
  • the fawn is located in a dangerous or high-traffic area

Injured Adult Deer

Report injured deer to BC Conservation at 1-877-952-7277. BC Conservation will only respond if the deer is not mobile.

If the deer is in Saanich, Animal Control officers can assist. Contact them through the Saanich police non-emergency line at (250) 475-4321.