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We do NOT respond to any deer calls. This page is for information and education purposes only.

Trespassing deer can be a problem for property owners. There are a number of inexpensive and humane methods you can try to deter deer from your property.


The height of an effective deer fence is up for debate. Many people say they successfully keep deer out with a 7ft heigh fence, however there are stories of deer jumping over them as well.

It is also said that deer do not like to jump high and wide at the same time. Therefore, one solution is to build a double fence. Slugs and Salal explains: "Some gardeners have found double wire fencing to be an effective deer barrier. This involves errecting two lines of fencing five feet apart. The wire deer fencing, usually a two by four-inch mesh, needs only be four feet high.

The reason a double fence set up like this works is that deer are not broad jumpers. And they know that once inside the space between the fences they couldn't get enough of a running start to clear the second fence. Another interesting feature of the double fencing is that the space between the fences need not be left bare. It can be used to grow plants."

ScareCrow Automatic Sprinklers: http://www.contech-inc.com/products/scarecrow/

Deer Departed has compiled a list of homemade natural deer repellents: http://www.deer-departed.com/deer-repellent-recipes.html